" We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. "


 Volunteering in Thailand 

 Enhance your visit to the Land of Smiles with volunteer opportunities in Thailand. Thailand is a spectacular country with so much to see and do, and by volunteering you can go beyond the well-trodden tourist routes, forging meaningful and fulfilling connections with others and experiencing the wealth of culture in this amazing country like a local.  

There are a variety of ways to volunteer in Thailand – from teaching underprivileged children to contributing to the conservation of the diverse wildlife and marine life Thailand has to offer. Create memories and bonds that will last a lifetime by exploring the variety of volunteer opportunities available across our platform. You can discover short and long term volunteer positions to suit your availability, with opportunities across all of Thailand, from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and beyond!

Volunteering in Thailand has the power to change lives not only for the people you are serving, but it could also change your life too!  

 Why Volunteer in Thailand?   

In many ways, Thailand provides the ultimate volunteering experience. From the mountainous north to the sandy beaches of the south and from the hustle of the major cities to the serenity of traditional villages, Thailand has a volunteering opportunity for everybody. So why should you volunteer in Thailand?   

 1. Make A Real Difference 

Giving your time to help others is a truly rewarding personal experience. However, you will also make a genuine difference to the lives of the people you meet during your volunteer journey. Even after you have finished volunteering, your memory and influence will last a lifetime for the people you have helped.  

 2. Culture

Thailand is one of the top volunteer destinations because of the incredible cultural experience gained from spending time in the country. As one of the only countries in the region to have never been ruled by a European country, Thailand is rich in history, pride, and tradition.  

 3. Cuisine 

Thai food is famous the world over, but there is little that can prepare you for the incredible cuisine culture in Thailand. From street food to countless market stands and small family run businesses selling a jaw-dropping variety of foods, your palette is in for a real treat! 



 4. Friendliness 

There are few friendlier people in the world than Thai people. Their hospitality, friendliness, smiles, and relaxed attitudes will make you feel like you are at home in an instant. You will be welcomed into homes and social circles as a treasured friend and family member.  


Volunteer Around Thailand 

 Volunteering In Thailand's Capital City - Bangkok

Bangkok is a thriving metropolis and the capital city of Thailand. A fascinating city where rich and poor, traditional and modern, sky scrapers and slums all live side by side, Bangkok will awaken all of your senses. Volunteering in Bangkok is a perfect introduction to Thailand and the melting pot of people who live in this thriving city. Find numerous opportunities to volunteer in Bangkok with some of the most impoverished people in the country.  

 Volunteering in Chiang Mai/Rural Thailand  

The biggest city in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a different world to the bright lights of Bangkok. The laid-back nature of the city makes it and incredibly charming place to volunteer and live. But, Chiang Mai is nothing compared to rural Thailand where you will find people still living in the same way they have lived for hundreds of years. Volunteering outside of Bangkok is the best way to truly immerse yourself into Thai culture.  

 What's Your Passion? 

Volunteer Teaching in Thailand 

 Volunteer teaching in Thailand isn't just about providing education to  underprivileged children, but also changing their perception of life in general. Find out more about volunteer teaching opportunities in Thailand.  

Wildlife Conservation


Make a difference by volunteering to protect the diverse wildlife across Thailand. There are many opportunities to help with conservation projects, research facilities, and at wildlife rescue centres.

 Diving & Marine Conservation

The warm waters around Thailand are home to an incredible diversity of marine wildlife and reefs. If you are passionate about the protection of this underwater world, find out about conservation and research volunteer opportunities.  

Volunteer's Opportunity

 Teaching Volunteers 

 We organize volunteers project our main goal is to improve education not just academically but as skills exchange program for a person whose in need. We value through education and skills exchange which will help to improve a person life's standard. 

About this opportunity, 

You will NEED: 

- Good verbal communication skills, 

- Strong spoken English 

- Willingness to undergo a Working With Adult /Children and police check 

- At least one day a week available during school term to conduct workshops. 

- Live in, or have easy access to, the North-South suburbs of Thailand. 

- Particularly suited to those studying teaching & education, psychology, youth work, social work, health promotion or social sciences. 

You will GAIN: 

- Highly regarded & valuable work experience with a prominent community organization 

- A generous reimbursement fee 

- Knowledge & skills related to group work, community development & education.  

 Volunteer as a Speaker 

 Inspire young people. Share your story in our educational workshops. 

We are looking for confident and enthusiastic volunteers from a variety of backgrounds to speak with us in our work shops and schools in and around Thailand. Help us raise awareness of Moral valunes, Persoanl growth, Humane Education, Environmental awareness, Wildlife awareness and the development of young people’s empathy skills, by sharing your experiences and expertise.

Volunteer speakers should have direct experience and expertise in the topics they are addressing and be effective speaking before audiences of all sizes. They should be prepared to provide materials that will illuminate or support their presentation and should always plan to allow time to interact with conference participants as part of their presentations. 

All your expenses will be covered (including the necessary DBS check) and you can choose the sessions that match your availability.

If you, or someone you know is interested in presenting at this program, please submit your proposal on Apply below. 

  Volunteer as an Interpreters 

 We are in urgent need of bilingual volunteers to help our Public Speaker team to communicate effectively in our educational workshops.

We are looking for bilingual volunteers who can speak English and Thai. Interepreter on follwing subjects:

- Moral Values

- Philisophy 

- Personal Growth

- Humane Education

- Enviromental awareness

- Wildlife awareness

We encourage anyone with a second language skill to consider joining our bilingual volunteer register. 

While we prefer our volunteers to be able to commit to being a volunteer for at least a 1-2 weeks period, we are grateful for any assistance you are able to provide.



THV Volunteer Interpreter Project gives volunteers the opportunity to exercise their language skills while serving a community and learning about the Moral Values. Volunteers will work directly with schools, our work shops, goverment organization.